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Jual Bijih Besi / Sell Iron Ore in Bulk (Fines, Crusher, Lump, ROM or Sand)

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    USD 47 (as per May 2006) FOB Anchorage Taboneo
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  • Update Terakhir10/01/2016
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Commodity: Hematite and Magnetite Iron ore in Fines, Lumps or ROM is used as a raw material for the production of steel along with limestone and coking coal. The South Kalimantan Ores could be fed directly into steel-making blast furnaces.New Iron Ore deposit mine belt average distance from nearest port is 30 miles for truck haul.The Fe content is equal or better compared to Australian Hamersley and Pilbara mines grading only 63.7% Fe, to Brazilian Minas Gerais and Serra dos Carajás, even surpass 58.5% Fe of Australian Yandicoogina mines. Summary: We, Multinational Consortia mining companies invites prospective buyers to purchase Indonesian origin 64% iron ore fines in 12 monthly shipments of 40,000 metric tons/month minimum, price per May 2006 is $70/MT FOB or $145 CNF China ports (Qingdao, Tianjin, Luoyuan), or any safe port in the world. The CNF price is the FOB price plus shipping costs. (Because international freight costs can change quickly, actual CNF price is determined at time of contract signing). Loading ports are Port Trisakti and Port Asam-asam. First shipment within 45 days of operative financial instruments (see below "payment terms") The companies have the export license, hauling and port contracts to get ore to port and loaded onto a freighter vessel. All mines are operated with government registered permits. The sellers operates 18 mines with total uncovered reserves of over 570 million metric tons with an iron content of 63% and above. Mine(s) visit(s), licenses, contracts, and SGS report are available to the buyer, in Indonesia, after buyer provides bank pre-advise proving ability to fund the Documentary letter of credit payment guarantee - see below "payment terms". We must supply only the most serious and devoted of buyers. Attention commodity traders, intermediaries, and middlemen: Maximum commisions or kickback of $1 would be allowed. When contract is being negotiated, we prefer to deal directly with the end-buyer or end-user company where the L/C coming from. If this is not possible by your side, a transferred L/C (first-second beneficiary system) must be confirmed by a world-class bank. A back-to-back L/C system is also permitted but must strictly follow time schedule, if your negotiation with end-buyer eventually proved to be disrupted then we cannot guarantee supply or price will stay the same as stipulated in contract. Specifications: Fe:64.50% rejection below 63.50% Al2O3:3.50% rejection above 4.50% SiO2:3.50% rejection above 4.50% S:0.10% max 0.12% P:0.10% max 0.12% TiO2:1.00% max 1.20% CaO:0.04% Cr2O3: 0.06% K2O:0.01% LOI:0.04% MgO:0.09% Mn02.23% Na2O:Less than 0.01% Physical characteristics (for fines): 0 mm - 10mm 90% min Above 10 mm 10% max 0 mm - 25 mm 25% max Moisture: 8.00% - 10.00% at 105 degrees centigrade (10% on rainy season) Also low grade iron ore fines 58%fe (below 57% rej), 61% fe (below 60% rej) & 62%fe (below 61% rej) available with some reduced price. Iron Sand 55% (below 52%rej)with high Titanium content (between 1% to 16%) is also available from other island in Indonesia. Also available: Manganese Ore. Payment terms: In contract we need guarantee of L/C issue date. Payment for the first 8 months of shipments must be by monthly L/Cs, or an 8 month Revolving Letter of Credit. Price may be reviewed after each successful shipment. Funds in the L/C after loading can be withdrawn only upon presentation by seller (mine) of the proper documentation as described in the contract between buyer and seller and required by the Performance Bond. All financial instruments must be irrevocable, documentary, transferable or non-transferable accepted. DLC must be Confirmed by Buyer. Confirmation must be from a Top World Bank. Performance Bond: 2% of the DLC Value in favor of the Buyer . Non operative performance bond may be issued first, provided after the buyer’s bank informed via swift to the seller’s bank about it’s readiness to issue a documentary irrevocable transferable or non-transferable L/C at sight. Key Tested Telex is not acceptable. Documents required: Full set of Clean on Board Bill of lading signed by the Master of the Vessel also indicating the Vessel's Stamp and Showing "Clean on Board” and “freight prepaid” or “ Freight payable as per chartered party” notifying party to be advised or notifying party will be the buyer. Inspection Certificate by SGS or CIQ or equivalent assayers Certificate of Origin Certificate of Quality and Quantity Weight of the shipped goods, Moisture Content in the goods. Customs Declaration and Original Quality Certificate issued. Copy of Fax advising shipment details to the Buyer within three working days after completion of loading. Insurance, if any, will be covered by buyer. Loading Rate: Barge Loading by 5,000 MT maximum only. Infrastructure has not been built. Demurrage for CNF: Demurrage is incurred if discharge rate falls below 8,000 MT and is charged to the account of the buyer. Sundays and Holidays are excluded. For FOB Vessel: Should be iron ore carrying vessel fitted with 4 x 20-25 MT Crane & 4x8-12 CBM Grab. Iron ore cargoes may affect magnetic compasses. Also, preplanning of ballasting operation is essential. Please e-mail to for interest.